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 Dr. Bauermeister is a US-trained Physiatrist certified by the American Board of Physical medicine  and Rehabilitation specializing in Pain and Sports Medicine . . .

 He did his residency in the teaching Hospitals of TUFTs University in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a  major contributor to the development of novel techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of  problems related to fascia and muscles. In Germany he pioneered the Real-Time Elastography and  orthopedic shockwave therapy in sports and pain medicine. Through his research he realized the  profound effects of shockwaves on fascia and on muscle trigger points resulting in pain relief and  functional rehabilitation. That led to the creation of his Triggerpoint-Shockwave-Therapy as an  alternative to injection techniques and manual manipulation of fascia and muscles. At the  University of Bochum, Germany, Dr. Bauermeister was able to demonstrate that Ultrasound  Elastography can image the elastic properties of fascia and muscle. Dr. Bauermeister has  incorporated Elastography and shockwave therapy for many years now in his sports medicine and  pain Institute. He is involved in continuous research in cooperation with Ulm University, Germany utilizing shear wave, compression and vibrational real-time Elastography. As a medical journalist he authors medical articles and has published several books about myofascial problems in pain and sports medicine. As a lecturer and instructor of his Elastography and shockwave approaches, Dr. Bauermeister teaches physicians, physical therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors worldwide.