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Preventing Chronic Pain and Addiction Transformative Care Toolkit for IMS members when they donate $100!

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Campaign for Preventing Chronic Pain and Addiction

Preventing Chronic PainHelping Solve the Chronic Pain and Addiction Problem. Chronic pain conditions are the #1 reason for seeking care, #1 cause of disability and addiction, and #1 driver of health care costs, costing more than cancer, heart disease, and diabetes (Institute of Medicine, 2011). The personal impact in terms of suffering, dysfunction, disability, depression, addiction, loss of work, conflict and other consequences is incalculable. The International MYOPAIN Society’s Campaign for Preventing Chronic Pain and Addiction goal is to transform healthcare by integrating training with treatment– the basis of transformative care model.

Educational Role of Health Professionals. The Institute of Medicine (2011) stated in their report on chronic pain that a health professional’s primary role for chronic pain should be guiding, coaching, and assisting patients with day-to-day self-management of chronic pain. Unfortunately, this rarely gets done and most people with pain after 30 days still have persistent pain five years later despite extensive treatments. Billions of dollars are spent on advances in treatments for chronic pain, yet often fail to deliver long-term successful relief due to the lack of training patients in reducing risk factors for delayed recovery and chronic pain.

Flow Chart 2Enhancing Patient Outcomes. Recent research has found that chronic pain involves a complex relationship between the physical condition, lifestyle risk factors that increase pain, and protective activities that decrease pain. By engaging, empowering, and educating patients in addressing these factors through self-management training, most pain conditions can be either be prevented or improved. Health Professionals can help patients learn how prevent and self-manage pain conditions before the pain becomes chronic or intractable. This is the basis for transformative care– integrating training with treatment.

Toolkits for Transformative Care. These toolkits allow health professionals to easily integrate on-line patient training with evidence-based treatment to acheive the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim by improving the patient’s experience, enhancing the health, and reducing the cost. Each Toolkit contains; Risk and Protective Factor Assessment, Personalized on-line self-management patient training, Comparative dashboards to track patient outcomes, Health coaching to support patient’s goals, Care coordination to reduce fragmentation, Certification Seminar in Transformative Care and manual, handouts, and tools.

On-Line Course On Preventing Chronic Pain. The Massive Open On-Line Course (MOOC) on Preventing Chronic Pain at had over 45,000 registrants to train health professional on transformative care and use of the toolkits. 93% of those evaluating the course believed that it changed their life, and 85% believed that it changed their patient care. "This course is one of the most generous offerings that I have ever encountered. There is so much life-changing, life-affirming information available to anyone is rare and amazing. I am VERY grateful."

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